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Intelligent PoS concepts

Nowadays, over 70% of all purchasing decisions are made at the Point of Sale. To have a positive influence on the decision to buy, ACO has developed a new PoS concept. It is built around a high level of customer information, focussing on the application and technology of the construction materials. The aim is to offer the dealers an increasingly DIY-centric product range, which creates satisfied customers, and therefore a rise in demand.

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Sample display for ACO Self® Infiltration Line

(without products)

Display stand for ACO Vario Shoe Scraper Systems

(without products)

Pallet coat for ACO Self® Grass Grid

(without products)

Touchscreen for ACO products

(executable software with information and videos)

ACO. we care for water




ACO offers premium products and expert advice: You are looking for information about our products or PoS concepts, feel free to contact our team worldwide. You can find your local partner not only in Europe but also in the USA, Australia and New Zealand.

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