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ACO Rain4me systems - Rainwater harvesting for home and garden

Clean water is a very precious resource. Worldwide groundwater consumption is fifteen times larger than its regeneration. The result is a continual decline in groundwater levels. Heavy rain of short duration leads to an excess of water. You can collect and store this rainwater in your garden and consume it as required. Within the domestic setting these systems can be used to provide water for toilet flushing (30% of typical water usage), washing machines (13% of typical water usage), cleaning, outdoor and garden use (7% of typical water usage). A total of 50% of typical water usage can be supplied via rainwater harvesting. So you can save water while also taking care of your budget.

Harvest your own rain

ACO Rain4me flat rainwater tanks are installed underground and can be arranged flexibly in accordance with the size of the garden. Due to the flat form a significantly smaller excavation compared to a cylindrical cistern is needed. That saves time and cost. The combination of several rainwater tanks enables an adjustment for every garden size and usage – enlargement is possible, too. The solid material PE-LLD “Made in Germany” is recyclable and has been approved statically.

Product details
  • material: black plastic (PE-LLD)
  • wall thickness: approx. 8 mm
  • volume: 2.000 litres
  • lenght: 2,23 m
  • width: 1,24 m
  • height: 0,85 m
  • turnable and extendable
Product benefits
  • sustainable use of rainwater
  • responsible approach towards water
  • flexible adjustment for every garden size and usage
  • complete system with tank and rainwater management
Complete solutions

  • Garden Basic
  • Garden Plus
  • House and Garden Compact
  • House and Garden Professional