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ACO Self® yard drain – collection point for dirt and rainwater

Made from polymer concrete and able to support a car's weight, the yard drain serves as drainage beneath water dispensing points in gardens and yards or as point drainage, for example. The gully top box enables a downpipe to be connected. Rainwater from roofs is easily channelled off through the yard drain into the sewer. Large particles of dirt are retained in a silt bucket, which is easy to remove for cleaning. This reliably prevents the sewer pipes from becoming blocked.

System benefits

  • Made from polymer concrete, corrosion-resistant; also resistant to road salt and oil
  • Easy to clean due to the removable silt bucket
  • Downpipe connector via gully top box possible DN 100
  • Individually selectable cover gratings
  • Removable foul air trap
  • Easy to install
  • Gully top box to add height
Contact your local ACO partner if you want to present ACO Self® Point Drainage in your DIY market: