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ACO Self® Infiltration Line - Surface water drainage for your garden

The ACO Self® Infiltration Line is the simplest possible way to drain surface water from your property. At the same time you are supporting the natural water cycle. Rainwater which falls on sealed surfaces on a property is collected, e.g. by an ACO drainage channel or ACO yard drain, then fed into the underground ACO Self® Infiltration Line. From there it seeps away gradually, depending on soil conditions, and helps to replenish the ground water level. In doing so, you are also relieving the strain on the public mains system, thus reducing the risk of backflow.

How the ACO Self® Infiltration Line works

ACO Self® Infiltration Line is a surface water drainage system made of rock wool, which collects surface water in the ground. If large volumes of surface water accumulate over a very short period of time, the absorbent rock wool modules are capable of retaining the water and then gradually allowing it to drain through the sides and base of the seepage block – as fast as the surrounding soil is able to absorb it.

Contact your local ACO partner if you want to present ACO Self® Infiltration Line in your DIY market:

ACO master soil drainage – prevent damage, retain value

90 per cent of structural damage in the cellar is caused by water penetration: water which is unable to drain away puts pressure on the walls and foundation of your house. Drainage pipes alone are not sufficient to prevent the resulting damage. For a safe and effective way of draining water, ACO master soil drainage is used. This system protects the fabric of your home and ensures your cellar walls remain dry, enabling you to utilise all the rooms in your house efficiently.

System benefits

  • Permanent protection for the fabric of your house
  • Prevention of structural damage caused by water penetration
  • Simple and cost-effective installation without need for lifting equipment
Contact your local ACO partner if you want to present ACO master soil drainage in your DIY market: